Solar Tiles

The team of skilled roofers has begun their work on this remarkable newbuild, meticulously installing slate around the solar tiles. This ambitious project incorporates an impressive array of solar tiles, boasting a total capacity of over 20kW. The solar tiles are intelligently distributed across different roof aspects, including the East, West, and South orientations, to maximize sunlight exposure throughout the day. To ensure seamless energy conversion, the system utilizes two sets of three-phase inverters, efficiently converting the harvested solar energy into usable electricity. But the ingenuity doesn’t stop there. This cutting-edge installation also features an AC coupled battery storage system, allowing the home to store excess energy for later use. Not only does this provide a convenient means of self-sufficiency, but it also serves as a backup power source during grid outages. The integration of an EPS (Emergency Power Supply) ensures that even during a loss of grid power, the home remains powered, maintaining essential functions and minimizing disruptions. This comprehensive solar and storage solution exemplifies the fusion of sustainable energy generation, advanced technology, and resilience, making this home a shining example of the future of clean and reliable power.

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